The concept of Slluks branding stores are more than just a tradi- tional gift shop store. It is a col- lection of restaurants, trendy street and shopping venues.


Have a try for brilliant and cute des- serts look like popular characters of Slluks. F&B menus such as maca- roon, biscuit, chocolate, coffee and so on made with good ingredients are waiting for you.


Slluks pays attention to make char- acter products that are valuable in real life. From the simple stationeries to living and travel products, there are 5000 Slluks products consid- ered practicality and quality in addi- tion to cute design.


Global character brand Slluks pro- vides contents of various genres to share and enjoy worldwide such as animation, movie, game, education, publication and so on based on its knowhow and competitiveness ac- cumulated so far.


Slluks introduces authentic prod- ucts collaborated with world famous brands. Slluks supports brands aim for the best product with their own principle and insistence in the world.


Slluks develops license business with the world’s best partners in vari- ous fields. Through license business where each other’s ability and po- tential cross, broaden the touchpoint and enhance Slluks ’ brand com- petitiveness.